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Bulk Antique Hydrangea Flowers Now Available

Every year we eagerly await the announcement from our farms that antique Hydrangea are available - and we are pleased to say that they are now available! Our farms expect to have the antique Hydrangea available now through September (and most likely into October).

Hydrangea are very popular wholesale flowers and can often be found in bouquets and arrangements of wedding flowers. Hydrangea are also extremely popular for non-wedding events, such as parties, barbecues and church and social activities. Their exceptional bloom size and fun coloration make antique Hydrangea very popular flowers when they are in bloom!

Antique Hydrangea are not grown as 'antique' colors per-se. The antique Hydrangea receive their coloration as the bloom matures on the plant. Essentially, antique Hydrangea are Hydrangea blooms which have been left on the plants past their prime. As the blooms age on the plants, their coloration changes - the petals take on blue, pink, lavender, purple and even bronze tones. Slight imperfections on the petals only provide additional character to these 'antiqued' flowers. 

As mentioned above, the 'antique' coloration of the Hydrangea appears as the blooms mature on the plant. It is important to understand that no two blooms will be exactly alike. Every bloom bears multiple colors (as pictured below). We offer the following bulk packages of antique Hydrangea: 

Assorted Antique Hydrangea:

Antique Blue/Green Hydrangea:

Antique Pink/Green Hydrangea:

Antique Bronze/Lavender Hydrangea:

The predominant colors on each bloom are listed in the title of the package. For example: the Antique Blue/Green Hydrangea will be predominantly blue/green in coloration, but may also have other shades including pink, lavender and bronze on the bloom.

The bulk packages of antique Hydrangea flowers are available from our California flower farms beginning usually around mid-July (depending on weather) through the end of September (though sometimes they are available into October).

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-888-297-3000 or via email at sales@growersbox.com if you have any questions about antique Hydrangea or any of our other wholesale flowers, bulk flowers or wedding flowers.


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