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Comparing ‘Roses to Roses’

When shopping around for the right roses, many customers have contacted us inquiring about the different sizes of roses and how it seems no two sites offer the same sized roses… making it very difficult to compare 'apples to apples' - or in this case, 'roses to roses'.

As you shop around for roses you will find some websites that offer roses in terms of length in centimeters, some in terms of inches, some sell roses without any information at all as to their length, while others simply classify the roses as short stem, medium stem, long stem and extra-long stem. We've pulled together the following to assist you as you make your comparisons:

Throughout the world, roses are graded, sorted and sold by stem length. This measurement is the length of the stem of the flower. Most countries sell flowers in terms of centimeters (cm), as this is the standard in those countries. Some companies, such as The Grower's Box, convert the measurement of centimeters into inches as that is what the majority of our customer base understands and is familiar with.

Many companies create generic terms to identify the different length roses: short stem roses, medium stem roses, long stem roses and extra-long roses. These measurements are very generic and will vary depending on which company you speak with. You may find that different companies have different ideas as to what constitutes a 'long-stem' rose.

There are yet other companies that will just sell roses without any indication as to the length of the roses they are selling or which may give you a wide range of lengths of roses which may be shipped to you (for example, the description may say that the box contains roses ranging anywhere from 16-28 inches). This can often be misleading as you think you may be purchasing some longer stem roses, when in fact you may wind up with a box of roses with stem lengths significantly shorter than what you were anticipating.

For comparison purposes, please find below some basic guidelines which will help you compare 'roses to roses':

40cm roses = 16 inch roses = short stem roses

50cm roses = 20 inch roses = medium stem roses

60cm roses = 24 inch roses = long stem roses

70cm roses = 28 inch roses = extra long stem roses

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If you have any questions regarding the purchase of wholesale roses for your wedding or event, please do not hesitate to contact The Grower's Box Sales Department at 1-888-297-3000 or via email at sales@growersbox.com.

~ The Grower's Box Sales Department


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