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DIY Wedding Flowers & Social Media

The first quarter of 2014 has shown a growing trend of brides undertaking more and more of not only the planning of their spring and summer wedding flowers, but also the arranging of them. Braving what for some is uncharted territory, brides take what they see in images and create their own bouquets and arrangements of wedding flowers.

Gone are the days of clipping pictures of wedding flowers from magazines and creating cumbersome scrapbooks when planning a wedding. With a substantial increase in popularity of sites like Pinterest, many brides are creating online collections of pictures (boards) which makes sharing wedding design ideas with friends, relatives as well as planners and designers a cinch and allows them to chime in and see firsthand the bride’s plans unfold and share in the vision of what they want for their spring and summer wedding flowers.

Blogs and sites like YouTube offer step-by-step instructions and videos which help DIY (do-it-yourself) brides to replicate bouquets, arrangements, boutonnieres and corsages. Other social media outlets like Facebook allow brides to reach out to relatives and friends (even friends-of-friends) to find individuals who may have experience and skill in arranging wedding flowers. No phone calls. No hiring a planner. A few clicks here, a post to a message board there, and ideas come together, an army of capable hands are assembled and DIY brides turn their ideas into reality.

With the marked growth in the popularity of DIY wedding flowers, sites like GrowersBox.com have increased their offerings of affordable packages of wholesale flowers for 2014. These packages are tailor made to meet the diverse needs of DIY brides. Sales representatives are no longer expected to just sell flowers, they are relied on to encourage, guide and often instruct brides on how to care for and create their bouquets and arrangements of wedding flowers.

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