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NEW Products: Dahlias

We are pleased to announce our partnership with a California flower farm which offers a great selection of Dahlias year-round! In addition to the year-round availability of a number of varieties, our farm also offers a selection of season varieties available from May through September. Enjoy the beauty of these stunning flowers in a variety of different colors year-round!

Description: Dahlias are great-sized flowers and stand on average about 30 inches tall (some varieties may be a little longer/shorter than others). The bloom size of the Dahlias varies by variety; however, most varieties have blooms which measure about 4 inches in diameter (again, some varieties will be larger/smaller than others). Dahlias are packed in bunches of 5 stems and the 'laterals' (or secondary shoots) are left on the stems. 

The varieties which will be offered year-round include:

Corona Pink
Corona Red
Fiesta Orange
Maarten de Zwaan
Neon Orange
Neon Rose

In addition to the year-round varieties listed above, the following seasonal varieties of Dahlias will be available from about May through September:

Cafe au Lait
Lavender Perfection
Lilac Time
Pom Pom Burgundy
Pom Pom Coral
Pom Pom Lavender
Pom Pom Orange
Pom Pom Purple
Pom Pom Red
Pom Pom Variegated
Pom Pom White
Pom Pom Yellow
Prince of Orange
Purple Flame

Whether you are looking for Dahlias or other varieties of wholesale flowers and wedding flowers, visit us online at www.growersbox.com or call our Sales Department at 1-888-297-3000 and we would be happy to assist you!

~ The Grower's Box Sales Department


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July 1st, 2013

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