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DIY Tip: Choosing a Delivery Date for a Weekend Wedding

We are frequently asked what day customers should have flowers delivered for their weekend wedding. In most cases, we recommend a Wednesday delivery for a Saturday wedding (or a Thursday delivery for a Sunday wedding). While this does not work for everyone, these are the delivery dates we recommend and below we have listed the reasons why:

1.) The primary reason we recommend delivery 3 days in advance is to hedge against any sort of a FedEx delay. In the unlikely event of a FedEx delay, you would still receive your wedding flowers the following day and still have ample time to hydrate and prepare the flowers. FedEx delays are truly few and far between; however, they are never convenient.

** Please know that we do not recommend scheduling flowers for delivery on Friday. If flowers are scheduled for delivery on Friday and there is a FedEx delay (for any reason), there is a chance that FedEx will not deliver the flowers until Monday (the following business day). We do everything we can to have FedEx reschedule the delayed packages for Saturday delivery; however, there is no guarantee that FedEx is able to accommodate that request. Wherever possible it is ALWAYS best to avoid scheduling flowers for delivery on a Friday.

2.) The flowers you receive are shipped in an early blooming stage and may take several days to reach full bloom. Since these flowers are shipped directly from the flower farms where they are grown to your door, you are receiving them at the same stage at which a wholesaler would receive them. What this means is that the flowers are shipped out of water and in an early blooming stage. You are essentially doing the work of the florist and rehydrating the flowers, arranging them and storing them properly (in a cool environment). The last point is key - storing the flowers in a cool environment. The cooler the temperature, the slower the flowers will open and the longer they will last. If you store flowers in a warm environment, they usually will open up faster and not last as long. To give you an idea, floral coolers are typically set around 40 degrees. At that temperature, flowers are almost dormant and can last up to 2 weeks or more. Most customers are only able to store flowers at temperatures around 60 or 65 degrees. In most cases this is cool enough to allow the flowers to open slowly and last beautifully throughout their event - and often for many days after.

3.) In the unlikely event that a package of flowers is lost or damaged in transit, having an extra day allows us to remedy the situation. When notified in a timely manner, we are often able to send out replacements the same day for delivery the following day - still providing you ample time to hydrate and prepare the flowers.

Have questions about ordering wedding flowers online, availability or when to schedule them for delivery? Give us a call at 1-888-297-3000 or send us an email at sales@growersbox.com! We appreciate our customers and strive to meet their unique floral needs with beautiful flowers, fantastic customer service and affordable prices.

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August 12th, 2014

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