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DIY Wedding Flowers: Roses

Planning a wedding or event often involves a lot of stress around colors, budget, types of flowers, venues and budget (yes, we did mention this more than once on purpose). More often than not, flowers are the item on the chopping block when it comes to making a wedding or event fit a budget. The beauty in this is that we, at The Grower's Box, have created packages of DIY wedding flowers to fit any budget!

Our most basic and most popular packages of wedding flowers are the DIY Wedding Flowers: Roses packages. These fantastic and affordable packages of wedding flowers consist of roses, fillers and greens which can be used to create centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres and other floral decorations.

The packages of DIY wedding flowers are available in 4 different sizes (small, medium, large and x-large). These packages are designed to fit the needs of wedding and event planners as well as individual brides opting to take the do-it-yourself route to wedding flowers. Customers can select the colors of roses to be included in the packages, and each package includes a plethora of Baby's Breath, Tree Fern, Leather Leaf and Lily Grass.

These packages of DIY wedding flowers are created so as to maximize the flowers you receive while minimizing the cost. Please know that we can often modify these packages to meet specific needs; however, such changes may result in increased prices. Wherever possible, it is always best to try to work within the packages which are listed online - those will be your best deal!

If you need assistance selecting the package of wedding flowers which is right for you, please give us a call at 1-888-297-3000 and one of our sales representatives would be happy to assist you! You can also email your questions to sales@growersbox.com.


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