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Do You Accept Custom Orders?

We are frequently asked whether we entertain custom orders for packages of wholesale flowers, wedding flowers and gift bouquets. The answer - for some types of flowers we can, for others we cannot. Please read on for more information:

Collections of Arranged Wedding Flowers: Unfortunately our collections of arranged wedding flowers follow specific set recipes. At the present time our farms do not allow us to customize these packages in any way. We are unable to offer these packages in quantities other than what is posted online and we are not able to customize or select certain flowers to be included in the bouquets. Our farms have developed specific recipes to follow based upon popular flowers which are available year-round.

DIY Wedding Flowers: Our packages of DIY wedding flowers can often be customized and tweaked to meet your specific needs. Please know that substitutions are not always possible and sometimes may result in price increases/decreases depending on the substitution.

Wholesale Flowers: Packages of wholesale flowers can often be customized as well. As with the DIY wedding packages, there are some cases where substitutions or changes to quantities are not always possible. Our packages of wholesale flowers are packed in such a way to maximize customer value and offer the best pricing available. Altering the quantity may result in an increase in the price-per-stem.

Gift Bouquets: Unfortunately we are unable to cusomize the gift bouquets. These gift bouquets follow specific recipes and due to the volumes our farms move, we are limited to offering the bouquets as specified online.

Custom Orders: We are happy to entertain custom orders where possible. If you are looking for a mixed box of flowers, smaller quantities than what is posted online or even information on products that you don't see online but that you are interested in, please contact our sales department and we would be happy to see if we can assist you with your custom order.

If you have any questions about custom orders, customizing an existing package of wholesale flowers or DIY wedding flowers or about our collections of arranged wedding flowers and gift bouquets, please do not hesitate to contact ouf sales department at 1-888-297-3000 or via email at sales@growersbox.com.

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