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Earth Day 2014: Eco-Friendly Flowers

Let us begin by saying, "Happy Earth Day!" We are proud to work with eco-friendly flower farms which produce world-class wholesale flowers and wedding flowers. Despite some of the additional costs and investments which are required of our farms for environmental sustainability, they have stayed the course and work hard to minimize their footprint on the environment. Below are just a few examples of how our farms work towards environmental sustainability:

- VERIFLORA Certification: A number of our farms bare the Veriflora certification. In the floral industry, the Veriflora certification is the gold-standard for environmental sustainability. Farms must pass rigorous tests and inspections in order to receive this certification.

- Beneficial Bugs: Where possible, farms introduce beneficial bugs in place of pesticides. This 'bio-control' minimizes the use of pesticides and in turn leaves less of an impact on the environment.

- Recycled Water: Plants can only absorb so much water, so when excess water passes through the plants, many of our eco-friendly flower farms filter and recycle their water - thus cutting back on their high demand for fresh, clean water.

- Solar Power: Many of our farms use natural gas and are leaning towards solar power to heat their greenhouses in lieu of depending on fuel oil.

We are proud of our eco-friendly farms and their commitment to not only providing high quality wholesale flowers and wedding flowers, but also being environmentally conscious and doing their part to lessen their footprint on the environment.

If you have any questions about wholesale flowers and wedding flowers from The Grower's Box, please give us a call at 1-888-297-3000 or email us at sales@growersbox.com and we would be happy to assist you further!


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April 22nd, 2014

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