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Fall & Winter Flower Care

With temperatures beginning to drop across this great country, we wanted to pass along a few tips for properly caring for your wholesale flowers and wedding flowers over the next few (colder) months.

Contrary to what many people believe, shipping fresh cut flowers in colder temperatures is actually better than shipping the flowers in warmer temperatures. When flowers are shipped, they are pre-cooled to 34 degrees prior to shipping. Oftentimes, when you receive flowers from The Grower's Box, the flowers inside are still cool. The cooler temperatures slow down the respiration rate of the flower, causing the flower to use less energy, open slower and last longer. Cooler ambient temperatures in shipping only help your flowers to travel safely and last longer!

Though cooler temperatures are fantastic for shipping flowers… one thing that is VERY important is that customers (or their representatives) be present to receive the flowers. The cooler temperatures are great when the flowers are in transit; however, we highly recommend customers be present to receive the flowers so that they are not left unattended - especially if really cold temperatures are forecasted.

In the case of extreme temperatures, we can ship flowers to be held at the local facility for pickup. This is a fantastic option as the flowers are very well protected from extreme temperatures and are not sent out on the FedEx vehicle for delivery where they may be exposed to harsh temperatures. For more information on having your order held for pickup, please give our Sales Department a call at 1-888-297-3000.

When caring for wholesale flowers and wedding flowers, we highly recommend customers store the flowers in a cool environment, out of direct sunlight and away from heat. In many areas, wintertime is when the heat is on and compromising comfort for the sake of the flowers is not always ideal. You may want to consider storing flowers in a basement or an attached garage. Attached garages are great as the temperature usually stays above freezing in garages which are attached to homes. If you don't have a basement or a garage, another option is to cool down one room by closing the heating vent in that room, cracking the window (so as not to let too much cool air in), and placing a towel at the base of the door (to prevent cold air from rolling through the house). You will want to check on that room periodically to ensure it doesn't get too cold.

Storing the flowers in a cooler environment will help them to last longer and open slower. If you find you need to open the flowers faster, simply bring them into room temperature and you will find that they will open much faster than if they were stored in a cool environment.

If you have any questions regarding the proper care of your wholesale flowers or wedding flowers, please read our flower care instructions or give us a call at 1-888-297-3000 or send us an email at sales@growersbox.com.


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October 17th, 2013

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