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FAQ: Flowers, Nature and Screen Resolution

'Flowers, Nature and Screen Resolution' - what a title! In this post we'll discuss the relationship between these 3 things (and a few more) and how they relate to the sale of online wholesale flowers and wedding flowers.

A very common and VERY important question we often receive from our customers is regarding the specific shade/color of the flowers that we offer. While this is a very simple question, it can be difficult to answer at times. So as not to draw out this post too much, we've listed below the top 5 reasons why describing the exact shade/color of flowers can be somewhat difficult:

Products of Nature: First and foremost, flowers are products of nature. These glorious plants come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Despite our farm's best efforts, at times, some varieties of flowers have more/less color than at other times. This can be due to light exposure, pH of the soil and temperature.

Differences in Growing Regions: Some growing regions are better for growing certain types of flowers than others. Drawing on what is mentioned above, though flowers can grow in both regions, the coloration of a given vareity of flower (say, for example and Esperance Rose) may vary between Colombia and Ecuador due to their difference in climate, temperature, humidity and soil conditions.

Lighting in the Picture: Lighting GREATLY affects how a picture looks. Snap a picture of a rose under bright light and the same rose under lesser light and it may appear as though you are looking at 2 different flowers. 

Screen Resolution: Ever walked into Costco or Walmart and looked at the TV's and seen the difference in picture? The same goes for your computer screen. What you see on one computer screen may look substantially different on another.

Substitutes: When working with flower farms, there exists the possibility that the exact variety of flower that you are interested in may not be avaialble on the day it is supposed to ship. In such cases, our farms may make a subsitution for another variety that is very close in color to the variety you requested. The need to make substitutions is quite rare; however, from time to time our farms do make substitutions so as not to create any delays in shipments.

As you plan your wedding, event or fundraiser, please do not hesitate to reach out to The Grower's Box Sales Team at 1-888-297-3000 or via email at sales@growersbox.com. Our capable sales representatives can assist you with additional information on products, colors, when to schedule deliveries and even custom packages.


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March 26th, 2014

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