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Flower Care: Calla Lilies

For many types of wholesale flowers, bulk flowers and wedding flowers there are some very generic care instructions to follow which include (1) cut the stems, (2) place the flowers in water, and (3) keep them in a cool spot. However, there are some types of flowers that require a little extra care to ensure they hydrate properly and look great for your wedding or event. Calla Lilies are one such flower and we have included below some special care tips for caring for these beautiful and majestic flowers:

- It is important to understand that Calla Lilies behave differently than other varieties of flowers.

- Sometimes Calla Lilies are shipped with plastic sleeves around the flower heads. Carefully remove the plastic sleeves upon arrival.

- When Calla Lilies arrive, it is not uncommon for all of the flowers in a bunch to bend in the same direction. Place the flowers in bunches of 10 stems and turn the Calla Lilies so that the blooms are all bending out in different directions. Secure each bunch with rubber bands placed at the bottom, in the middle and near the top of the stem. This simple procedure will ensure that your calla lilies will stand tall and strong when put out for display.

- Once in bunches, trim the stems about 1 inch up from the bottom with a sharp knife (at an angle) and place the bunch in water.

- Please know that from time to time the small tips (the curly-Q's) of the Calla Lilies will turn brown. Our world-class Calla Lily farms have assured us that the browning of the tip is a normal occurrence and in no way compromises the quality or integrity of the flower. These little tips are the first part of the flower to emerge from the ground and endure much as the flower grows and matures. To improve the presentation if this condition exists, simply trim the tip (curly-Q) at an angle right below where it begins to turn brown.

- Re-cut the stesms and change the water every 2 to 3 days or as needed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding flower care for wholesale flowers, bulk flowers, wedding flowers or rose petals.

~ The Grower's Box Sales Department.


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July 31st, 2013

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