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Freeze Dried Rose Petals - Why Buy?

We frequently receive questions about whether to purchase fresh rose petals or freeze dried rose petals. Which would be better for a wedding? Which would be better for an event? Fresh rose petals and freeze dried rose petals each have their own special characteristics which make them appealing… but what is it that makes freeze dried rose petals out-sell fresh rose petals? 

For beginners, freeze dried rose petals are VERY long-lasting. We have some in the office which we have had for (hard to believe) almost 8 years now! When the rose petals are put through the freeze drying process, the rose petals are transformed into a preserved state which can easliy last up to 2 years without a problem (and even longer if cared for properly). Why is that important? Many of our customers have destination weddings, proposals in the wilderness, or have to decorate for an event the day before. When it is necessary to have a decoration that lasts a VERY long time, out of refrigeration and still look great - freeze dried rose petals are the perfect option.

Many customers, especially brides, like to order their flowers and decorations and then cross that item off of their 'to do' list. Freeze dried rose petals can be ordered months in advance and simply stored in a closet. The petals will look the same the day you receive them than when you pull them out to decorate several months later. There is great comfort in having decorations on hand, rather than having one more thing to wait on as the days wind down to the wedding/event/proposal…

Freeze dried rose petals don't stain, they are not slippery and they are biodegradable. Many businesses, venues, hotels, churches and locations prefer freeze dried rose petals over fresh rose petals for exactly these reasons. Freeze dried rose petals can easily be swept or vaccumed up or, if the event is outside, mowed over.

Freeze dried petals are available year-round in many different colors as well as types of petals. We offer not only freeze dried rose petals, but also a selection of freeze dried hydrangea petals, freeze dried peony petals and freeze dried petal blends which consist of mixtures of these different types of petals.

If you have questions as to whether freeze dried rose petals are right for your wedding or event, please give us a call at 1-888-297-3000 or email us at sales@growersbox.com and we would be happy to assist you!


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July 16th, 2013

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