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Fundraising in 2014

Thinking about, or planning a fundraiser in 2014? This post is for you!!!

Schools, churches, businesses and other organizations host fundraisers at different times throughout the year; however, the two biggest days for fundraising with flowers is at Valentine's Day (just a few short weeks away) and Mother's Day (also encroaching on us quickly)! If you are looking to generate great returns in 2014, order fresh cut wholesale flowers from The Grower's Box!

The keys to success in fundraising lie in planning, promoting and securing low prices so you can generate great returns! With Valentine's Day just a few short weeks away, NOW IS THE TIME to start planning if you have not already done so! As a quick reference, we have included below some previous blog posts which are excellent resources on fundraising with flowers:

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If you have ANY questions regarding fundraising with flowers, or if you have any questions about our bulk packages of wholesale flowers and wedding flowers, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Sales Department at 1-888-297-3000 or via email at sales@growersbox.com.

The Grower's Box has been supplying wholesale, retail and consumer markets with fantastic deals on bulk packages of wholesale flowers and wedding flowers for 10 years! Our commitment to quality in both product and service have led us to where we are now - one of the leading online suppliers of bulk flowers on the Web! 


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