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Industry Insight: Mini-Calla Lilies

Over the past decade, many producers of mini-Calla Lilies have begun growing a larger version of these very popular flowers. The change in size of these flowers stemmed from increased demand for larger blooms - primarly from brides looking to incorporate these colorful flowers into their bouquets.

For many, many years, mini-calla lilies were simply dainty little flowers with fun colors. Blooms on these flowers were often no larger than a quarter and the stems measured between 10 and 12 inches in length. These flowers were often incorporated into boutonnieres and corsages - occasionally making appearances in bridal bouquets as a supplemental flower.

The switch to larger-bloomed mini-Calla Lilies has greatly expanded the ways in which the mini-Calla Lilies can be incorporated into arrangements of weddidng flowers. Mini-Calla Lilies can now be found as the primary flowers in bridal bouquets and bridesmaid bouquets. As a result of their larger size, many brides choose to create wedding centerpieces consisting of only mini-Calla Lilies!

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