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NEW Products: Monochromatic Wedding Flowers

We are pleased to announce the arrival of packages of Monochromatic Wedding Flowers! These charming packages are available in white, yellow, pink, green and purple/lavender - all popular colors for 2014.

The packages of monochromatic wedding flowers are assembled with popular, affordable and attractive varieties of wedding flowers which blend beautifully together but which can also be assembled into like-variety arrangements.

Shop monochromatic wedding flowers online at: http://www.growersbox.com/catalog/diy-wedding-flowers

The Grower's Box is one of the leading suppliers of wholesale flowers and wedding flowers on the web. We pride ourselves on our committment to exceptional flower quality coupled with exceptional customer service. The Grower's Box proudly sells to wholesale, retail and consumer markets. Order online today at www.growersbox.com or contact our fantastic sales team toll free at 1-888-297-3000 or via email at sales@growersbox.com.


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