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Rose Petals - The Last Decoration

In many conversations with customers ordering wedding flowers, we typically hear a comment along the lines of, "Oh, I almost forgot! We need rose petals too!"

Rose petals are frequently used as a complement to bouquets and arrangements of wedding flowers. They can be found adorning the tables, lining the aisle and being tossed by flower girls and guests alike. Rose petals are a great way to warm up any venue and, when the right colors are chosen, can really tie together all of the wedding and event decorations.

The Grower's Box offers a fantastic selection of both fresh rose petals and freeze dried rose petals. There are 'pros' and 'cons' to each type of petal - so let's explore which one might be right for you!

Fresh Rose PetalsFresh rose petals are absolutely stunning! These petals have strong, vibrant and rich colors. Fresh rose petals are a perishable item and need to be kept in refrigeration. We often recommend customers bring the fresh rose petals in two days prior to their event, store them in a refrigerator and save them for the last decoration to be put out so that they look their best. 

Freeze Dried Rose PetalsFreeze dried rose petals are also incredibly beautiful decorations! Freeze dried petals tend to have more muted colors - something which occurs as the petals are put through the freeze drying process. The benefit of freeze dried rose petals include the fact that they don't need to be refrigerated (they can simply be stored in a closet), they can be ordered well in advance of a wedding or event (they can last upwards of 2 years) and they are easy to clean up (simply sweep, vacuum or mow them over - they are biodegradable and disappear quickly).

If you have any questions regarding fresh rose petals or freeze dried rose petals, or if you have questions about any of our packages of wedding flowers, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at sales@growersbox.com or toll free at 1-888-297-3000.


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September 26th, 2013

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