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Shipping to Hawaii


We receive many questions from our customers regarding our ability to ship to Hawaii. Our answer - YES WE CAN!

Since opening our doors to business nearly 10 years ago, The Grower’s Box has been shipping high quality fresh cut wholesale flowers, wedding flowers, bulk flowers and rose petals to Hawaii on a regular basis.

Many of our valued customers who plan destination weddings, corporate events and even some of our long-term business clientele have sought affordable ways to get fresh cut flowers. It seems in Hawaii, everything is priced at a premium. We have made every effort to make the ordering process easy and affordable!

In an effort to make shipping to Hawaii easy and affordable for our customers, we have a flat $25.00 surcharge for all orders going to Hawaii.  This is a per-order surcharge. What that means is that whether you are ordering 1 box or 10 boxes, the fee is just $25.00 if you place your entire order at the same time. If you place 2 separate orders, you will incur 2 x $25.00 shipping surcharges – so be sure to place your entire order at the same time.

Wedding flowers, wholesale flowers and bulk flowers shipped to Hawaii are sent via FedEx Priority Overnight Services. Due to Hawaii’s unique infrastructure, delivery times are typically later in the afternoon (often by 5pm) though some major cities offer deliveries by 10:30am. One shipping option is to have the flowers held at a local facility for pickup. In many cases, this allows customers to pickup their flowers earlier in the day, rather than waiting on the flowers to be delivered. Give us a call for more information on this shipping option.

Check out what our Hawaiian customers are saying about our services:

“I was determined to find a company who would ship to Hawaii for a reasonable price and had good reviews online. I was so lucky to finally find Grower’s Box. (read more)”

As always, if you have any questions regarding wedding flowers, wholesale flowers or bulk flowers from The Grower’s Box, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our Sales Department is available online at sales@growersbox.com or via phone at 1-888-297-3000.


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