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The Carnation Craze

Carnations are some of the most popular flowers in the world - most notably those grown in Colombia and Ecuador. These stunning little flowers have captured the hearts of many - but why?

Carnations have earned a spot in the hearts of many, from wedding and event planners, to DIY brides, to businesses and organizations and even in the hearts of kids. How? Consider the following:

Wedding & Event Planners: Carnations are an inexpensive flower (period). Carnations can be purchased in bulk from supliers such as The Grower's Box at exceptional prices and delivered anywhere in the US. When wedding and event planners have requests for big decorations on a small budget, Carnations often come to mind. Decorations such as topiary balls and garlands can often be found created with Carnations. With the right wedding and event planner, Carnations can deliver big decorations on a small budget.

DIY Brides: When it comes to a flower that is easy to care for and long-lasting, Carnations take the cake. 'Hardy, hardy hardy' is how we would describe these flowers! Carnations are frequently used as DIY wedding flowers and can often be found adorning bouquets and arrangements of all sizes. As mentioned above, Carnations are frequently used in topiaries, like 'kissing balls' as well as garlands and even curtains! Think of them as "affordable elegance."

Businesses (Restaurants & Retail): Every year at certain holidays (namely Valentine's Day and Mother's Day) Carnation sales soar as businesses (including retail stores and restaurants) use carnations for giveaways and fundraisers. Carnations are widely used as giveaways because they are beautiful, inexpensive and hardy flowers which are easy to care for. In short, Customers take home a beautiful flower which will not only decorate their home for up to 10 days, but will also serve as a reminder that they went to a particular store or restaurant and received a wonderful flower as a gift!

Organizations (Churches & Schools): Organizations including churches and schools frequently sell Carnations for fundraisers. In this economy, everyone needs a boost, and with tight budgets many schools and churches rely on Carnation sales to fund their activities for the year. With relatively little upfront cost, these organizations can purchase bulk carnations at wholesale prices and make a decent profit. In addition to being wildly affordable, Carnations are easy to care for and don't need refrigeration - a perfect combination for many schools and churches which may lack resources.

Kids: Kids? Honestly? Are we really reaching to include kids? Absolutely. Carnations have a few kid qualities that very few other flowers have - namely they are affordable and hardy. Affordable because every kid wants to be able to bring home a flower to mom or dad, or give a flower to their girlfriend or boyfriend. Carnations are usually sold at a price point where kids can find enough change in their backpack or in the couch to buy a flower. The other key element in the Carnation equation for kids is that Carnations are hardy. These flowers take a beating on the way home to mom or dad, girlfriend or boyfriend. They withstand being dropped, stuffed in a backpack or back pocket, used as a sword in friendly fights with friends (a kid's imagination is incredible)... even sat on - all while being out of water for several hours! Remarkably though, with a simple trim of the stem and some fresh water, these flowers come back looking great.

Whether you are looking for wholesale flowers for an event, giveaway or fundraiser or as wedding flowers for yourself or a friend, think Carnations. There are endless possibilities for these charming flowers!

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