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Tips for ‘Steaming’ Oriental and Asiatic Lilies

The Grower's Box specializes in the shipping and procurement of premium fresh cut flowers. The majority of these wedding flowers and wholesale flowers are shipped directly to your door in an early blooming stage so as to ensure a safe transit and extremely long-lasting flowers!


Oriental Lilies and Asiatic Lilies are perfect examples of flowers shipped in closed blooms. From time to time (often depending on the weather) these flowers are harvested with very tight blooms which may require additional time to open. Below are some special care tips that can be followed to encourage these blooms to open. These steps are only to be followed if the blooms are not opening after a day or two in water. DO NOT follow these steps if your flowers are opening on their own.




Under most circumstances we strongly recommend our customers store flowers in cooler temperatures (we recommend temperatures less than 65 degrees). Cooler temperatures will help the flowers to open slower and last longer.


Warmer temperatures encourage flowers to open faster. Please keep in mind that once flowers are open, there is no reversing the process… they will remain open. 'Steaming' Oriental and Asiatic Lilies is a way to encourage these blooms to open by exposing them to warmer temperatures. The steam not only provides a warm atmosphere for these flowers, but also moisture which prevents the flowers from drying out as they are exposed to warmer temperatures.


'Steaming' Oriental and Asiatic Lilies:


- Cut the stems about 1 inch up from the bottom and place the flowers in clean water.


- Set the container with the flowers on the bathroom counter (where they will not get wet).


- Close the bathroom door.


- Turn on the shower using only hot water.


- Once the room is sufficiently 'steamed up', turn off the shower,  leave the flowers in the 'steamed up' bathroom, and shut the door.


- After about 30 minutes, return to the bathroom and steam it up again.


- Repeat this process until the blooms have begun to open.


- Once the flowers have begun to open, set the flowers in a warmer environment (such as on the kitchen counter or dining room table). Again, the warmer temperatures will help these flowers to continue to open.


If you have any questions about caring for your wedding flowers or wholesale flowers, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department at 1-888-297-3000.


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August 7th, 2012

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