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Trending Now: Standard Grade Carnations

With Valentine's Day now less than a month away, many schools, churches, clubs and other organizations are on the hunt for inexpensive flowers for their fundraisers and giveaways. Carnations sit atop of the list of preferred flowers for fundraisers and giveaways, with many groups targeting standard grade carnations as their first choice in flowers. This year; however, standard grade carnations seem to be in short supply. We've focused on two main reasons WHY these charming little flowers may be so difficult to find at major floral holidays in 2014 - including Valentine's Day and Mother's Day:

Reason 1: Consumers on Tight Budgets

It almost goes without saying that businesses and individuals alike are really cutting back on their expenditures this year citing tight (even non-existent) budgets. With this train of thought, those seeking flowers are prone to go with the least expensive alternative which, in this case are standard grade carnations. Where some consumers may have purchased fancy grade or select grade carnations in the past, this year they are purchasing standard grade carnations. With a finite projected production of standard grade carnations, once the projected production is sold out, they are no longer available. Word to the wise: if you want standard grade carnations, buy them NOW as our farms anticipate the supply will disappear in the next week or so.

Reason 2: Decreased Production of Standard Grade Carnations

It would appear that flower farms are growing more of the fancy grade and select grade carnations than standard grade carnations. Truth be told, many flower farms only offer fancy grade and select grade carnations. Fancy grade and select grade carnations are more profitable for flower farms as they bring in a little more per-stem. Also, generally speaking, fancy grade and select grade carnations tend to have longer stems and larger blooms - qualities that are appealing to consumers and also indicative of a stronger flower.

While standard grade carnations may be in short supply, fancy grade and select grade carnations are widely available and still very affordable when compared to other varieties of flowers. If you have your heart and budget set on standard grade carnations, our advice to you is to get your order in today! For future holidays, remember that it is always best to order your wholesale flowers early to ensure availability and to lock in low prices. Keep in mind that orders can be placed up to 2 months in advance. 

If you have any questions regarding bulk carnations or any of our other wholesale flowers or wedding flowers, please do not hesitate to contact The Grower's Box Sales Department toll free at 1-888-297-3000 or via email at sales@growersbox.com.


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January 15th, 2014

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