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Valentine’s Day - Plan ‘B’

Winter Storm Pax is causing all sorts of mayhem in the South and all the way up the East Coast. In many places, even the best-laid plans for Valentine's Day may be disrupted. So, instead of shrugging your shoulders and saying 'oh well… I tried', we encourage you to think outside the box (of chocolates & flowers) and get creative! Below are just a few ideas to think about:

- Undertake or finish a project you have been talking about for far too long. 

- Do something special for that special someone (aka. SERVICE). You know that special someone well enough to know what they REALLY like and what they REALLY don't like. 

- Give them a hand-written card. Yes, cards from the store are creative… but yours will mean more - much more.

- Turn off your phones. Instead of just another day/date, make it special with eye-contact and meaningful conversation.

- Make dinner at home! Put on the apron (men), get creative and actually COOK something - not re-heat, warm or defrost… and don't forget to do the dishes after!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Make it memorable!

~ The Grower's Box Sales Team


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February 12th, 2014

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