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What Size Roses Are Right For Me?

As if determining what type of flower wasn't a difficult task in an of itself… did you know that with some flower types (like roses) you must choose between different sizes as well? The Grower's Box offers roses in 4 different sizes - ranging from 16-inch roses to 28-inch roses. Below are a few tips to consider when ordering roses from The Grower's Box:

Flower farms grade roses according to stem length and, in some cases, rose head size. Generally speaking, the longer the stem, the larger the flower head; however, there are other factors at play as well. Some rose varieties boast larger blooms than others. So what does that mean and what size is right for me?

16-inch Roses (40cm): 16-inch roses are considered 'short-stem' roses and are the smallest grade roses that are exported from Colombia and Ecuador. These roses have beautiful blooms and are widely used for weddings and events. Bloom size is excellent; however, there may be some inconsistencies in the stems themselves. Some stems may be thinner than others while some stems may have slight bends in the stems. 16-inch roses are the least-expensive roses and, as mentioned above, are widely used as wedding flowers and as decorations for events. The 16-inch roses are also very popular for use in fundraisers and giveaways.

20-inch Roses (50cm): 20-inch roses are more of a medium-stem rose, though some companies call them 'long-stem' roses. These roses are the most popular sized roses that we offer and are included in all of our packages of DIY wedding flowers. These roses boast beautiful blooms with sturdy straight stems. 20-inch roses are also wildly popular for fundraisers as they can often draw a premium price because of their fantastic size.

24-inch Roses (60cm): 24-inch roses are true 'long-stem' roses. Long stems boast large and beautiful blooms! These roses are also widely used for wedding flowers since they have very long stems and work perfectly in grandiose arrangements.

28-inch Roses (70cm): 28-inch roses are considered by many to be 'overkill'. These extremely long-stemmed roses are quite pricey and in many cases, customers wind up trimming down the stems so that the flowers can fit in vases. In addition to the stems being extremely long, these stems are also quite thick, and often have more of a 'woody' feel.

In conclusion, if you are running a fundraiser or looking for a flower for a giveaway, the 16-inch or 20-inch roses are right for you. If you are looking to do topiaries or small arrangements (in short vases), the 16-inch roses are a great option for you. If you are looking for flowers for your bouquets and other significant arrangements of wedding flowers, we would steer you towards the 20-inch roses. 24-inch roses are great if you have VERY tall vases to fill or if you have an event which specifically calls for a very long stemmed rose. The 28-inch roses are pretty much overkill. They are absolutely stunning flowers; however, their tremendous size makes them not practical.

If you still have questions about what size rose is right for you, please contact our Sales Department via email at sales@growersbox.com or toll free at 1-888-297-3000. We are more than happy to help you in selecting the right size roses for your wedding, event or fundraiser.


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