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Why DIY?

The Grower's Box was established in 2004 - over 9 wonderful years ago! Since day one we have been offering wholesale, retail and consumer markets with the finest wholesale flowers, wedding flowers, bulk flowers and rose petals on the market. Right from the gates we were providing DIY brides with a fantastic selection of affordable, high quality DIY wedding flowers!

There are certainly many pros and a few cons to taking the DIY approach to wedding flowers - and we'll point out a few below:


Significant Cost Savings: Obviously when you purchase bulk wedding flowers at wholesale prices it will cost less than what your local florist might charge. Keep in mind that you would be receiving bulk flowers - not arranged - and then you would need to make the arrangements yourself. A major part of the cost of hiring a florist is for their exceptional skillset that comes with practice. With a creative touch you can go big and save big on your wedding flowers.

Making Them Distinctly You: Taking the DIY approach to wedding flowers allows you to put your own personal mark on the arrangements you create. Those arrangements are distinctly you (period).

Creating Memories: Many of our customers like to take the DIY approach to wedding flowers to create memories. It seems as though EVERYONE has a relative or knows someone who is a florist or who has worked in a flower shop. Making memories and saving money… it doesn't get much better than that!


Time Consuming: As mentioned above, when ordering DIY wedding flowers in bulk, it is important to remember that the flowers are shipped directly from the flower farms to you. The flowers do need to be cared for properly and allowed to hydrate. After proper hydration, the flowers then need to be arranged - another time-consuming step. One option is to order Arranged Wedding Flowers. Some still consider this a DIY approach as they are bypassing the traditional florist and ordering pre-arranged wedding flowers onilne and having them delivered directly to them or to their destination.

Lack of Experience: Much of the cost incurred when ordering wedding flowers through a florist is for the florists skill and professional touch. When it comes to creativity and making things look pretty - some have a knack for it - some don't. If you do not like the hands-on experience, ordering bulk wedding flowers may not be the best option. As mentioned above, another option to consider would be collections of Arranged Wedding Flowers - pre-arranged flowers delivered directly to you.

Whatever your wedding flower needs may be, don't hesitate to contact The Grower's Box! We are happy to provide direction, suggestions and helpful tips when ordering wedding flowers online. 

Give us a call today at 1-888-297-3000 or email us at sales@growersbox.com.


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August 14th, 2013

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