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Flower Care

The following steps should be taken to prolong the life of your farm-direct wholesale flowers and wedding flowers:

** Please remember that the flowers you have ordered are shipped directly from the flower farms where they are grown. You are receiving the flowers at the same stage at which a wholesaler would receive them. Please be aware that this may be several steps earlier than how you are accustomed to purchasing or receiving flowers.

Flowers ship from our farms out of water in a suspended animation state – this is to get as much life from each bloom as possible. Flowers from our farms will arrive in an early blooming stage and can last up to 2 weeks with proper care. The flowers will appear dramatically different after a few hours in water than when they first arrive. Please follow closely the care instructions below to make the most of your order:

- Carefully unpack the flowers upon arrival.

- Use only clean vases or containers.

- Some of our customers forego flower food and simply use a generic brand spring water. Spring water will be more pure and clean than water from your tap. (If you choose to use flower food please follow the directions on the flower food container – too much flower food can do more harm than good).

- Remove all leaves and foliage which will be under the water in the vase. Leaves left underwater will create bacteria which will create stem blockage and decrease the life of the flowers.

- Cut 1 inch off the base of each stem at an angle using a sharp knife, clippers or scissors to allow for greater water uptake.

- Place the flowers in the water that you have prepared. Please know that flowers can take up to 12 hours to hydrate properly after shipping.

- Keep the flowers in a cool and well ventilated spot out of direct sunlight and away from heat. We highly recommend customers store flowers at temperatures below 65 degrees. As a general rule of thumb: the cooler the temperature, the slower the flowers will open and the longer they will last. 

- Avoid placing flowers near heating or cooling vents, under ceiling fans or on the tops of televisions or radiators (placing flowers on or near these objects can cause the flower to become dehydrated). Avoid placing flowers close to fruit or vegetables. We do not recommend storing your fresh flowers in refrigerators or walk-in coolers that are not specifically designed for the storing of fresh flowers.

- Change the water every 2 or 3 days, or whenever the water appears discolored. When you change the water we highly recommend you clean the vase and re-cut the stems again.


** Special Care Tips **


Our flower farms pack roses in bunches of 25 stems. The roses are packed in a two-level system. When you remove the rose bunch from the box you will only see 12 or 13 roses - the other 12 or 13 roses are packed directly underneath them.

Leave the roses packed in bunches and trim about 1 inch off of the bottom of the stems and put them in water. We highly recommend leaving the plastic wrap around the roses in place for about 6 to 12 hours while the roses re-hydrate.

When you arrange the roses, trim the stems again and carefully remove any loose or discolored outer petals. As the rose opens, look for opportunities to refresh the appearance of selected roses by carefully removing additional unsightly petals.

Store the roses in a cool environment. When working with fresh cut flowers, and especially roses, it is key to remember that the cooler the temperature, the slower the flowers will open and the longer they will last. We highly recommend customers store their roses at temperatures below 65 degrees - even cooler if possible. Do not expose fresh cut flowers to freezing temperatures.

Re-cut the stems and change the water every 2 to 3 days or as needed.


Gerbera Daises

When shipped in bulk quantities, Gerbera Daises are shipped in trays and come with healthy long stems.

Upon arrival, remove the tray from the box (you will want to hydrate the Gerbera Daisies in the trays). If you hydrate the Gerbera Daisies in the trays as detailed below you will not need to use straws or wire when arranging the flowers.

Cut the stems about 1 inch up from the bottom and position the tray over a bucket or trash can with water so that all of the stems hang down into the water (you will want to have the flowers laying flat in the tray with the stems hanging straight down).

Allow the Gerbera Daisies to hydrate for several hours. Hydrating the Gerbera Daisies in this position will allow the stems to firm up tall and straight. If you hydrate the Gerbera Daisies in this position you will not need to use straws or wires.

Re-cut the stems and change the water every 2 to 3 days or as needed.

* Gerbera Daisies shipped in the DIY Wedding Flower: Mixed Flower packages are not shipped in trays like Gerbera Daisies sold in bulk. Instead, Gerbera Daisies in these packages are shipped with cups over the flower heads and sleeves protecting the stems. To properly care for the Gerbera Daisies shipped with cups and sleeves, it is best to create your own tray by taking a piece of cardboard, poking holes that are large enough to slide the stems through and setting that tray on top of a bucket of water. One by one you will remove the cup and sleeve from the flower, cut the stem about 1” up from the bottom and then slide that stem through a hole so that the end of the stem is in the water and the flower head sits on top of the tray facing up. Leave enough room between each flower head so that the blooms can open completely. Hydrating and storing the flowers in this manner allows the blooms to open completely and the stems to re-hydrate while standing nice and tall.


Oriental Lilies & Asiatic Lilies

Cut the stems about 1 inch up from the bottom and place them in water.

As the blooms open, remove the stamens (little pollen sacks) so that they do not stain the flower, furniture or clothes once fully opened.

If the blooms do not begin to open within a day or two of being in water, please click here for additional flower care instructions.

Re-cut the stems and change the water every 2 to 3 days or as needed.


Calla Lilies & Mid-sized Calla Lilies

It is important that our customers understand that calla lilies behave differently than other varieties of flowers.

Sometimes the calla lilies are shipped with plastic sleeves around the flower heads. Carefully remove the plastic sleeves upon arrival.

When calla lilies arrive it is not uncommon for all the flowers in a bunch to bend in the same direction. Place the flowers in bunches of 10 stems and turn the calla lilies so that the blooms are all bending out in different directions. Secure each bunch with rubber bands placed at the bottom, in the middle and near the top of the stem. This simple procedure will ensure that your calla lilies will stand tall and strong when put out for display.

Once in bunches, trim the stems about 1 inch up from the bottom with a sharp knife at an angle and place the bunch in water.

Please know that from time to time the small tips (the curly-Q's) of the calla lilies will turn brown. Our world class calla lily farms have assured us that the browning of the tip is a normal occurrence and in no way compromises the quality or integrity of the flower. These little tips are the first part of the lily to emerge from the ground and endure much as the flower grows and matures. To improve the presentation if this condition exists, simply trim the tip (curly-Q) at an angle right below where it begins to turn brown.

Re-cut the stems and change the water every 2 to 3 days or as needed.


Fresh Rose Petals

With fresh rose petals you will want to avoid two things: (1) Moisture and (2) Freezing Temperatures.

Our fresh rose petals are packed in bags of roughly 1,000 petals. When you receive the bags, carefully open one end of the bag, fold a paper towel in half and slide it inside the bag between the bag and the rose petals. Flip the bag over and repeat the process (you will essentially be lining the inside of the bag with paper towels). The paper towels will catch any condensation which may form and will help to insulate the rose petals.

We do recommend storing the fresh rose petals in a refrigerator; however, when you put them in the refrigerator keep your eye on them as every refrigerator is different in temperature and humidity. Oftentimes there is a spot in the refrigerator that freezes... do not put your fresh rose petals in that area. If the fresh rose petals look as if they are drying out, remove them from the refrigerator and store them in a cool spot out of sunlight and away from heat (such as in the garage or basement) in the box they came in.


Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Freeze dried rose petals are a 100% natural product. They are bio-degradable, won’t wilt, won’t stain and are not slippery under normal conditions.

Store the freeze dried petals in a cool, dry place. To prolong the life of the freeze dried petals, avoid high heat, high humidity and bright sunlight.

Under proper care these rose petals can last for many months… even years! The amazing shelf-life of these rose petals means that you can have the freeze dried rose petals arrive ahead of your wedding or event and not worry about them wilting, perishing, becoming slippery or having to keep them refrigerated as you would need to do with fresh rose petals.

Please know that because these petals are a 100% natural product, every now and then a bug makes its way through the freeze drying process with the petals. If this does occur, please don’t worry - your rose petals will not be harmed in any way.


Bells of Ireland

Of all of the flowers that we ship, the Bells of Ireland show dehydration the most. This product may look extremely tired upon arrival, but with proper hydration they will come back beautifully.

Leave the Bells of Ireland in bunches and cut the stems about 1 inch up from the bottom at an angle.

Please be aware that these flowers may take up to 24 hours to re-hydrate properly.

Re-cut the stems and change the water every 2 to 3 days or as needed.


Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium Orchids are shipped with a water tube on each stem. Upon receipt of the flowers, remove the water tube, cut the stems about 1/2 inch up from the bottom and put them in clean water.

The stems of the Dendrobium Orchids need to be re-cut to encourage water uptake. Once the stems are cut and you have placed the flowers in water, you will see a dramatic improvement in their appearance as the flowers perk up and continue to open.

If you have to transport the Dendrobium Orchids any great distance you can re-charge the water tubes. To do this, simply remove the water tube, submerge it in a bucket of water and shake the tube. As you do so, the tube will re-fill with water. Cut the stem about 1/2" up from the bottom and replace the water tube on the bottom of the stem.

Re-cut the stems and change the water every 2 to 3 days or as needed.



Sunflowers are shipped in an early blooming stage and will take several days to open properly.

Upon receipt of the Sunflowers remove any foliage that you do not need. The foliage on the Sunflowers is VERY absorbent and prevents water from reaching the flower head.

Cut the stems about 1 inch from the bottom and place them in water.

Re-cut the stems and change the water every 2 to 3 days or as needed.



Hydrangea are very water-sensitive flowers. When you receive Hydrangea you will find a little water packet on the bottom of each stem.

Carefully remove the little water packet and cut about 1/2 inch up from the bottom of the stem UNDER WATER (either submerged or under running water). Promptly place the flower in clean water.

It is essential that these flowers be kept in water. If you remove the Hydrangea from water it will show fatigue quickly

Re-cut the stems and change the water every 2 to 3 days or as needed.


Lily of the Valley

Many times the Lily of the Valley is shipped with wet cotton or similar medium on the bottom of the bunch. 

Upon arrival, remove the wet cotton or similar medium from the bunch and shave a little off of the bottom of the stems.  There isn't much to trim, so you will literally shave just a hair off the bottom of the stems.

Place the stems in just a tiny bit of water in a glass or mug and store the flowers in a cool environment above freezing but below 65 degrees. No refrigeration is needed.



Upon receipt of the Stephanotis, remove the blooms from the packaging and float them in a shallow dish of water for about 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes remove the blooms from the water and place them back in the package they were shipped in.

Place the package in the refrigerator at 40 degrees.

Do not store the blooms with fruits or vegetables as they may emit gasses which will poison the flowers.

Store the package of Stephanotis on a shelf that will not freeze.  The exposure to freezing temperatures will damage these delicate blooms.

Keep the Stephanotis refrigerated until you are ready to use them.

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