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Bob’s Daughter’s Wedding Flowers

Bob  |  Rolla, North Dakota  | 

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I just wanted to get back to you before the day was over and let you know what a great success the wedding of my daughter was due in part to your company. Although I have purchased many items online I had never purchased bulk flowers for such a special occasion before. I just wanted to let you know that not only where we impressed with the results, so where many of the guests as well as the hosts at the lodge where the function was held. Of course I indicated where we got the beautiful roses and lilies and I also did not neglect to tell everyone about the fantastic service we received from The Grower’s Box.

Thank you so much for the professional products, service, shipping and peace of mind. I will, without reservation, not only use your services again but also highly recommend The Grower’s Box to anyone in need of the perfect flower. Thanks again for doing your part in making a perfect day such a huge success.

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