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Wedding Testimonials

Breanne’s Red Rose Petals

Breanne H.  |  Massachusetts  |  October 2010

Flowers Rose Petals, Fresh Rose Petals

I knew I wanted a lot of rose petals at my wedding, and the notion of buying them from a florist made me cringe because I knew that I’d never get the amount I wanted in my price range. At first I was skeptical to buy petals online. So skeptical in fact that 3 months prior to my wedding I ordered the smallest package of petals to “test them out” and make sure the quality met my picky standards. They were absolutely beautiful and arrived in perfect condition. I then felt comfortable putting all my trust in The Grower’s Box to order all 40,000 of the dark red rose petals I wanted for my wedding. Again they arrived looking simply beautiful!

I just wanted to say thanks to The Grower’s Box for having such a great product!

~ Breanne H.

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