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Carol M’s Wedding Flowers

Carol M.  |  East Providence, Rhode Island  | 

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I can’t remember if I already sent an email or not, but thank you for helping make my wedding perfect. I ordered 400 roses despite the doubts and mutterings from my very apprehensive mother. The roses arrived exactly when we needed them to (the Wednesdays prior to our Saturday wedding). We kept them in a cool room in water, and the Friday before, the bridesmaids came over and we all made our bouquets. The end products were exquisite!  We had enough flowers to make 7 bridesmaids bouquets, one bridal bouquet, and enough leftover for our groomsmen to hand out a single rose to every female guest. People couldn’t believe we made the bouquets ourselves, and we received many compliments on the flowers. I think the best part is seeing the pictures after the fact and knowing that the bouquets were made with TLC, and added to the entire beauty of the day. Not to mention the fact that we saved hundreds of dollars!

~ Carol M.

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