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Carolyn’s Wedding Flowers

Carolyn M.  |  Texas  | 

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Dear Grower’s Box,

When my daughter asked me to do her wedding flowers, I couldn’t imagine where they would come from! How could we trust that they would be shipped on time, that they would be fresh and that the order would be filled correctly?

The flowers that came from The Grower’s Box were such a pleasant surprise! Shipped with closed buds on Thursday morning for the Saturday wedding, I unwrapped the roses and lilies and greens of the Wedding-in-a-Box kits immediately, trimmed the stems and put them into buckets of water in the garage. As I worked on the planned arrangements, the blooms slowly opened one by one. By Saturday afternoon they were perfect. Fresher than anything I’d ever seen and in such perfect shape that I was able to use every single bloom.

We saved a fortune, I learned a new skill and the abundance of flower arrangements gave a lush look to the ceremony and reception. I’ll tell everyone about The Grower’s Box!

~ Carolyn M.

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