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Connie’s Back to Back Weddings

Connie M.  |  Michigan  |  June 2010

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The very first thing I have to say is a BIG THANKS to the Sales Department for putting up with my many, many emails and questions. No one can begin to top their very courteous and unbelievable customer service. They truly make The Grower’s Box a company that you all must do business with. I just started to do flowers for weddings and wanted to find a company that would meet my expectations as well as the bride’s.

The May wedding was all Roses, Cymbidium and Dendrobium Orchids. EVERY flower was PERFECT! The venue owner was so impressed that he asked the couple that did the wedding video to take pictures of the room after it was set up so they could use it for their promotional material! The June wedding was mainly roses, and let me tell you, the roses again were PERFECT! Matter of fact, it has been 7 days and they are still opening perfectly and very fresh.

If you are as I was, scared to death to order flowers online, fret no more. The Grower’s Box has fantastic quality, communication and follow-up customer service that makes you feel that they care deeply about you and you will be thrilled that you have chosen them to supply you with the freshest, perfect flowers for your special occasion. I am in the process of booking more wedding in the coming months because of the quality of the flowers.

Big thanks to The Grower’s Box!

~ Connie M.

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