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Dani’s Wedding Flowers

Dani D.  |  Utah  | 

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Dear Grower’s Box,

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job with our wedding flowers! The roses were big, fresh and smelled great. They were delivered on time and were in great shape. The centerpieces for the tables at our reception were breathtaking. Your sales department suggested ideas to make the centerpieces look grand and airy, yet classy and elegant. The guests loved the centerpieces and some fortunate guests were able to take the centerpieces home. Everything that we had pictured came alive on our big day. We thank your sales department for all of their great ideas and patience in the decision making process. They were extremely responsive to all of our questions and concerns and helped us work around our budget the whole time. Our flowers were amazing and did not break our budget!

Thanks so much!
Dani D.

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