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Diana W’s Rose Petals

Diana W.  |  San Bernardino, California  | 

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I ordered fresh rose petals from Growers Box. They were beautiful! The petals arrive fresh and remained so for days. I was able to use them at my wedding and at the reception. They were stunning on the tables! What was even more amazing is how well they lasted! I able to use was the extra petals (there were a LOT in the bags!) both on my wedding night (on the bed and in the bath) and for the rest of the honeymoon. I followed the easy instructions for care and storage, and they far outlasted my expectations. When there was a delay in getting my shipment through customs, I received a wonderful email explaining the delay and reassuring me that this possibility had been allowed for in the recommended shipping time and that the petals (which would be properly cared for by professionals until they could actually ship) would still arrive in plenty of time and in perfect condition. Growers Box fulfilled all their promises and more. I would use them again without a moments hesitation!

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