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Diann’s Wedding Flowers

Diann K.  |  Georgia  |  July 2013

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Grower’s Box,

Thank you - for everything. When I arrived at the end of the world (Copalis Beach, WA) last Thursday, all the flowers were neatly stacked up in boxes waiting for me - as though coordinating this feat was no big deal. Amazingly well orchestrated and the flowers were amazingly beautiful. Fortunately I had a team of hard-working folks willing to cut and arrange flowers with me most of Friday. If I see any pictures of the arrangements I’ll certainly forward them to you. Unfortunately I was too busy to take any myself.

I want to personally say thank you to the sales department for hanging in there with me and grounding me through mountains of misplaced anxiety and guiding me towards aesthetically wonderful floral choices and making all questions and double-clutches around decisions seem like the normal course of events (which I highly doubt). It was truly a pleasure working with you and you are VERY good at what you do.

In gratitude and appreciation,
Diann K.

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