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Gail R.  |  Tennessee  | 

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This was my first experience ordering flowers over the internet and I have to tell you that I was very nervous. I had convinced my daughter that instead of paying a florist to do the centerpieces for her wedding reception, we could save a lot of money by doing them ourselves. I promised her that the money we saved could be used to pay for her wedding album. So, I knew that if anything went wrong, I would be responsible.

The 250 pink roses I had ordered from The Grower’s Box arrived promptly two days before the event and were absolutely beautiful. When we tried to purchase live plant food from several local florists, we were told they didn’t have any. One told us to use a teaspoon of sugar for every gallon of water, which we did. Our roses stayed fresh and were open, beautiful and fragrant for the wedding day. We never even had to change the water. Our friends who pitched in and helped us arrange the centerpieces took pride and ownership on the wedding day when guests were so complimentary of the table arrangements.

I will definitely recommend The Grower’s Box to my family and friends. Thank you so very much for the prompt, efficient service and the beautiful, fragrant roses. Thanks to The Grower’s Box along with the help from our friends and family putting together the centerpieces, we saved enough money to cover over half the cost of their wedding album.

~ Gail R. (mother of the bride)

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