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Jessica G’s Wedding Flowers

Jessica G.  |  Angola, Indiana  | 

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Dear Grower’s Box,

I would like to say ‘thanks’ to your company for all the wonderful service I received while working with you. I ordered 400 long stem red roses and 5,000 rose petals for my wedding. I was very skeptical about ordering my wedding flowers from an online vendor. I tracked The Grower’s Box for a year, making sure you were a reputable company, and I was very happy to see that you are.

The Wednesday before my wedding, at 10:00 in the morning I received 3 boxes of flowers. I opened them up quickly because I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the flowers were beautiful. We took the leaves off and placed them in buckets. As the day went on, the flowers began to open up even more, and by Friday (the day we put the arrangements together), they were beautiful. By Saturday they had opened up so much they looked like they came from a local florist. I got so many compliments on the flowers from my guests. I told each one of them about The Grower’s Box and I told them I would recommend you 100% for any and all events.

For any customers who are reading this testimonial and wondering if this company is truly the ‘real deal’ - they are. The Grower’s Box is well worth your money. I highly recommend The Grower’s Box.

Best regards,
Jessica G.

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