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Karla M.  |  Ronkonkoma, New York  | 

Flowers Wholesale Flowers, CARNATIONS

Dear Grower’s Box,

I can not thank you enough for your commitment to your customers. I know I did not order the most expensive selection, but your dedication to ensure that my flowers arrived just in time for my event was beyond commendable. I selected the Grower’s Box, out of all the other online peers, because just under four years ago, without any association with your organization prior, you were able to get golden orange roses in time for my wedding, in less than a week, during the month of October. I appreciate the one-to-one care that your company provides, and trust me, it will have me ordering from the Grower’s Box much more in the near future.

I have attached a photo of the event from Saturday. Although a simple and small event, the usually underrated carnation is what tied everything together. They were absolutely beautiful. Thank you, thank you, for your tremendous efforts!

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