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Katherine’s Wedding Flowers

Katherine O.  |  New York  | 

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My husband and I ordered the flowers for our August wedding reception
through Growers Box and couldn’t have been happier with how they turned
out. All my fears about ordering flowers online have been blown out of the
water. What a deal, and I will be proud for the rest of my life about how
beautiful they were.

We ordered 200 bi-color yellow-red roses, 100 snapdragons and the myrtle
as filler, to be arranged in pitchers for the reception tables. They were
delivered on a Tuesday morning, as promised, for our Friday evening
wedding, which seemed early, but we trimmed the stems, kept them in
air-conditioning and buckets of water as directed, and they continued to
blossom right up to and through the reception, and even into the next day.

If you’re thinking about doing your own, I can only counsel: Keep it
simple when it comes to which flowers, and practice with a variety of
vases and types of flowers from a deli or something before you decide on
what you want, but it’s absolutely worth it. We received many compliments
on how nice ours looked, and with absolutely NO prior experience in flower

Growers Box’s customer service was exceedingly responsive and careful; I
called three times and actually spoke with the same representative each time. They were
friendly and courteous and offered good advice. Throughout what could have
been a very scary process, I never felt like we were on our own.

Can’t recommend this company more. They were great.

~ Katherine O.

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