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Kathy’s Wedding Flowers

Kathy S.  |  California  | 

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Doing the flowers ourselves and ordering online was a HUGE gamble. None of us had ever done flowers before. Well, the wedding is over and the flowers were such a hit!!! I’ve never seen such beautiful red roses. I know you don’t do samples, so anybody reading, rest assured the flowers you order will be perfect and on time. One less thing to worry about when planning your event.

I don’t usually write reviews for things, but the flowers were beyond words and I had to tell you guys how wonderful they were. It is not often that I get more for the money!!! Even the florist (who we didn’t use) wanted to know where the flowers came from. She hadn’t seen roses like that in YEARS. Of course, I told her.

Thank you SO much for making my daughter’s wedding perfect!!!

Most Sincerely,
Kathy S.

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