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Libby’s Wedding Flowers

Libby  |  Johnson City, Tennessee  | 

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My daughter’s wedding was in June and, with much skepticism, I ordered her flowers from The Grower’s Box. From the time we started planning her wedding she always said, ‘all I care about are my wedding flowers’. She only wanted fresh ones, and I knew from planning her older sister’s wedding that they were very expensive. Up until the day they arrived I remained skeptical. I called customer service several times and they were always very reassuring. I would recommend ‘Grower’s Box’ to anyone trying to get the most ‘bang’ for their buck. The roses were huge and the colors were absolutely beautiful. The hydrangea were beyond words. We used them on her cake and everyone made comments about how beautiful it was. Thanks, ‘Grower’s Box’! I would recommend you to anyone who is willing to do their own flowers and wants only first quality wholesale flowers.

~ Libby

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