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Lisa’s Wedding Flowers

Lisa S.  |  Lake Forest, California  | 

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I flew from orange County and arrived in Dallas on Thursday to arrange flowers for my sister-in-law’s Saturday wedding - we had ordered nearly $500 worth of flowers sight-unseen.

My mother-in-law had followed your instructions for unpacking and preparing the flowers. When I arrived, the garage was packed full of the freshest roses with tight firm buds. The Bells of Ireland had perked up, just as you had promised, the purple Stock smelled like heaven, and the delicate little Montecasinos were just perfect. On the day of the wedding, my sister-in-law burst into joyful tears when she saw her bouquet and said, “The flowers are exactly what I had hoped for!” The wedding coordinator said the arrangements were so gorgeous and I told her I ordered the flowers online from Grower’s Box, and she was quite impressed. The photographer thought my arrangements and the quality of the blooms were so fabulous that he wanted to know why he’d never seen my work before! When I told him I was just an amateur from Orange County, he told me I should start my own wedding flower business! The wedding guests couldn’t stop gushing over how pretty all the flowers were!

After all these great compliments, I have decided to start my own business, and I will be turning to Grower’s Box for the best customer service, most value and highest quality available!

Lisa S.

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