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Nicole’s Wedding Flowers

Nicole B.  |  North Carolina  |  August 2012

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Dear Grower’s Box,

I just wanted to let everyone know how fantastic these flowers are! They arrived just on time as expected, they looked GREAT and there were TONS of them! I made all of the arrangements myself, so I had my hands full. I was so nervous but yet everything turned out perfect. I never do these reviews/testimonials, but I wanted to do it for Grower’s Box because I, like many others, was hesitant about buying the flowers online and doing them or having someone do them.

I ordered my flowers 2 days before the wedding and had tons of flowers leftover, enough to do rose petals for the flower girls and 2 vases of flowers for our memorial table and for the front of the church. I purchased the Wedding-in-a-Box #1 with 100 white roses and they were amazing…

Thanks so much!!!
~ Nicole

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