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Rebecca B’s Wedding Flowers

Rebecca B.  |  Paducah, Kentucky  | 

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I could not be happier with my experience and purchase from Grower’s Box. They swooped in and saved the day for my wedding. I called them on a Tuesday morning, my flowers were overnighted free of charge and arrived Wednesday afternoon in beautiful condition. I needed them for a wedding that Friday, 2 days later!! They looked gorgeous and we received too many compliments to count.

When I called Grower’s Box, I was at my wits end. No other flower companies could: 1) ship the order quick enough - I needed them for a wedding; they all had 2-week in advance policies; 2) get the correct species of lily I wanted; 3) get the right color - I was going for a deep fuchsia and no one could get it.

Grower’s Box not only found the exact lily in the exact color I wanted, but provided them at - and I promise this is true - HALF the price. All the other companies that couldn’t even get the right flower were selling 40 stems for around $175. Grower’s Box price: $165 for 80 (EIGHTY!!!) stems!!! And the ones I wanted! Unreal!!!!

They overnighted them right away, and less than 24 hours after talking to them, I had all the lilies in my house.

I have only the best things to say about this company… I had never ordered flowers online before and they have converted me. Not only did they save us TONS of money, but the flowers were absolutely exquisite. If any of you are wanting to buy flowers from them, do so with absolutely no hesitation!!! They have great customer service and are super-friendly on the phone. I LOVE GROWER’S BOX!!!!

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