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Tania’s Wedding Flowers

Tania R.  |  Miami, Florida  | 

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Dear Grower’s Box,

Truly the flowers that you sent for the wedding were beyond beautiful, they were MAGNIFICENT! They took everybody’s breath away because they were so exquisite and I am NOT exaggerating in the slightest way!!! They literally put tears in my eyes when I saw them. All the colors were so complimentary to one another and they were just the colors Amy wanted for her wedding.

They were so fresh and vibrant it seemed like they were the type of flowers you would only see in heaven… they gave so much pleasure to the eyes, it was almost hard to believe that we were seeing. And there were so many flowers… all the bouquets and arrangements were so huge and lush! I can’t hardly wait to send you pictures of them, although the pictures will not compare to what we saw firsthand.

Thank you!!!
Tania R.

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